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Hosted by Jordan Foster - Clinical Psychologist

17 NOVEMBER 2019 - 7pm arrival for a 7.30pm start

Sylvia and Harry Hoffman Hall at Carmel School

Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER

The WA EXPO will include a special family event screening of the NEW 2019 October release movie - Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER. The event will be hosted by Jordan Foster BA Hon, MPsyc (Clinical)  Clinical Psychologist | Managing Director ySafe social media and Cyber Safety experts. 

BOOK NOW and be part of this Maccabi LIFE Australia Premiere - be one of the first people in the country to see this world wide smash hit film. A must see for all Parents, Grandparents, Educators and children. An important family event.

Jordan will comment on the movie and start the conversation on Fortnite and discuss some of the ways in which developers design their games to promote player engagement . She will then host a debate  panel of students vs adults on the topic “ If we removed technology right now, would the lives and wellbeing of young people be positively or negatively impacted? “

Supper and coffee and tea provided.


From the director of SCREENAGERS: Growing Up in the Digital Age comes Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience and is about helping young people thrive in our screen and stress-filled world.

Click PLAY button to watch the trailer.


Filmmaker and physician Delaney Ruston uses a personal lens and professional eye to help us all flip the script on stress, anxiety, and depression. We follow Delaney as she finds herself at a loss on how to help her own teens as they struggle with their emotional wellbeing. Ruston sets out to understand these challenges in our current screen-filled society, and how we as parents and schools empower teens to overcome mental health challenges and build emotional agility, communication savvy, and stress resilience. 

We witness Delaney as she finds her way from ineffective parenting to much-improved strategies. We also observe approaches in schools that provide strategies relevant beyond the classroom setting. The impact of social media and other screen time is incorporated in all the topics raised in Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER and how it may be impacting our teen’s mental health, and what we can do to help foster youth in the face of struggles.

SCREENAGERS Next Chapter: As seen in the media.






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